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5 Responses to “About Us”

  1. jigar Says:

    i have hear a song. i do love that song.. but unfortunately i have lost his album`s name.
    i tried lot to find that song. but i didn`t suceed. if you can help me to find this song. the words of this song is SOMTHING LIKE “ DEEWANA…. DEEWANA…. HOVYORE DEEWANA TU TO RUPIYA VALO… HOJI RE DEEWANA TU TO RUPIYA VALO MARUDI NE MARWAD MA…“
    thanks very much…

  2. SURESH Says:


  3. Ramsharan Yadav Says:

    Give support to find free rajasthani mp3 songs videos

  4. S.Kanth Says:

    Myself S.Kanth sharma. I Have worked in many serials of Sstar plus and recently i worked in “Jai Jai Shree Devnarayan” (Rajasthani Movie). I want to do many more projects in Rajasthani How could i get a chance in Album ? i want to about the production house which makes Rajasthani Film and Album.

  5. bhaskar Says:

    India had many forms of folk dances. The sourashtra people of Tamil nadu migrated from west india, preserved their culture. The folk dance of sourashtra people named as
    1) DaNdi natana @ Dandiya
    2) Gebbi @ Garbi (or) Garba
    3) KoNangi (Jester dance of Ramayan)

    These three folk forms preserved by Tamil nadu sourashtra people.

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